Bubble Soccer in Canada

For Germans, this game is called the Loopyball while most people in Europe call it bubble football or bubble soccer. In North America, soccer is increasingly familiar over the last decades. But now, the new craze in town is bubble soccer that is very entertaining, a great exercise as well as one of the safest versions of soccer there is. In this sport, the player is encased in an inflated zorb ball in which it covers the upper body and head.

Similar with regular soccer, bubble soccer is played on a grass field or an indoor gym in 2 teams with equal number of players along with a referee and two goals. However, you don’t need a goal keeper since you wouldn’t be able to use your hands. Aside from the standard rules, bouncing, bumping, rolling, flipping and smashing into your opponents are the main purpose of the game and are strongly encouraged as they fight for the control of the ball and make a goal. Another great thing is that fouls are not counted on this game.

bubble soccer in Canada

People who play soccer all the time can find it a brand new thing to enjoy but still playing the one game they really love, with a twist. This new variation can push them to develop new strategies when it comes to scoring and passing. For those who have never played soccer or football before can experience a game with a mix of bumping cars, sumo wrestling and pillow fighting all in one.

This game can be perfectly played on numerous events such as a company team-building, family outing occasions or even a great icebreaker at corporate events. It will definitely get everyone laughing all over at the same time the perfect game for players to vent out all of the tension in a more positive and fun way.


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