Bubble Soccer Gmes

Bubble soccer is some large round ball filled with air, that one can immerse some good portion of their body in, as get ready for really unique fun experience. It has inner straps and handles and is designed well to let one rough it up firmly with some friends simply playing around, or actually playing newly found contact sports yet keep one safe from all contact types injuries that come with such level of sports.


Bubble football (inflatable bumper ball) is a by a large balloon wrapped body, allowing athletes to enjoy collision, beating and rolling football, perfectly combines the entertainment and sports. In Europe there is a kind of ball game which is in vogue. It was created by two people in Norway, where the players are wrapped up in a transparent plastic ball. The first game is the end of 2011, in Norway a called “golden goal” program broadcast, when only as an episode aired, after a few years, from Italy to Latvia everywhere held a bubble football game. Now there are even a shop for selling and leasing all kinds of equipment. It’s hard to score in the normal football game, and the whole upper body is locked in a plastic ball. Hand tied in a fixed position, completely unable to grasp the balance, but it is the way to make the bubble football interesting. The opponent will rush to grab the ball, the man knocked out, because it has done enough protection measures, the players are not so easy to hurt.

Loopyball is a genius crazy invention, we praise them. The game seems to have originated in Germany, and now it is basically the best sport in the world. Rules are quite simple. This is football, but wearing a giant inflatable leisurely wave ball on your head, so you can play bumper cars and other game player. Modeling means of the players have been moved from the knee down the freedom, so that they re pop hit again. This is the perfect way to solve the athletes own no harm in the offseason.


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