Bubble Soccer Cost

A Bubble Soccer refers to a large inflatable ball which is made of numerous air cushions which keeps you protected from injury. Bubble Soccer is a new contact sport that is really gaining a lot of popularity in the United States. This is the right game for those that love playing without getting injured. a Bubble Soccer cost is approximately $249.99.


How it works.
You can engage in this exciting physical activity with a group of people or alone. You simply need to get into the Bubble Soccer first. This ball covers your head plus upper body while living your legs free. The ball wraps around you thus allowing you to breathe normally. Once you get inside it, you can roll, flip and knock yourself against other people without getting injured. Since the ball is very large, your legs never hit the ground with much impact if you fall.
Different uses of Bubble Soccer.

1. Personal Stunts
You can use to perform personal stunts if you don’t have any friends to play with. Some of these stunts including front flips and rolls. If you don’t have a lot of experience in doing these stunts, it becomes very easy to perform them once you are in the Bubble Soccer.

2. Group Knocking
If you have friends to play with, this becomes extremely fun. Get friends that have Bubble Soccers too and you will enjoy knocking each other down. You don’t have to worry about how hard you knock your friend since the ball totally protects you from any physical harm.
3. Bubble Soccer
You can also play formal games with your friends using Bubble Soccers. A good example of these games is the Bubble Soccer.

Features of the Bubble Soccer
Bubble Soccers have special features which play different roles to ensure they offer quality services. Below is a list of these features plus their functions:
• Shoulder Straps
It has adjustable shoulder straps. These straps ensure that you remain safely inside the Bubble Soccer. They are very crucial especially when you are flipping upside down. No matter the movement you make, the shoulder straps ensure you remain in the Bubble Soccer.
• Handle Bars
Each Bubble Soccer contains 2 handle bars. These handle bars are found in a single chamber. They help in giving you more stability and control when you are inside the ball. You therefore don’t have to keep on falling down now and then.
• Transparent
It’s made of a transparent plastic material. This ensures that you are able to see around.

• Optimum Protection
It’s made of a thick material with air pocket which act as shock absorbers thus shielding you from injury.



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